Currently I know of few Web sites that deal with dinosaur trace fossils, so if you know of any others that I have not included here, I would appreciate your sending me the address for such sites. Just send e-mail to: paleoman@learnlink.emory.edu or "snail-mail" to Anthony J. Martin, Geosciences Program, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 30322 USA. Thanks!

Dinosaur Tracks

Andrew MacRae's Dinosaur Footprints in Coal.
Talk.origins archive file that demonstrates the use of dinosaur tracks (from the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation of Utah) in disproving creationist concepts.

Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado, USA. New and developing Web site by Jeff Pittman of the Dinosaur Trackers Research Group, University of Colorado (Denver), with information regarding Dinosaur Ridge just west of Denver.

Dinosaur Tracks in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA.
Tourist information about Jurassic dinosaur tracks in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Field Trip to Dinosaur Tracks in Central Texas, USA.
Images and brief descriptions of dinosaur tracks in Lower Cretaceous strata of central Texas, written by Michael Edmunds. Includes description of nondamaging method for making casts of in-situ dinosaur tracks.

Fossils and Formations of Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.
Brief description of dinosaur tracks and their occurrence in Mesozoic formations in the Grand Junction area.

Glen Kuban's Paluxy Dinosaur/"Mantrack" Page".
Detailed account of the investigation and debunking of the "mantracks" myth in the Paluxy River area of eastern Texas, USA, including much information on dinosaur tracks.

Natural Casts of Dinosaur Footprints in Coal Mines Page
Page related to art project based on natural casts of dinosaur footprints in Cretaceous coal mines of the western U.S. Includes link to downloadable text and text excerpts by paleontologists about dinosaur footprints.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Footprint Page.
Brief description of paleontological significance of dinosaur tracks, concentrating on tracks that occur at Clayton Lake State Park in New Mexico, USA.

Overview of Dinosaur Tracking.
Thorough discussion of basic principles of dinosaur tracks by Glen Kuban, who has studied dinosaur tracks in the Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose Formation, eastern Texas, USA.

Terry Acomb's Dinosaur Tracksite Page.
Beautiful images of Jurassic theropod and sauropod trackways from Utah and Colorado, USA.

Triassic-Jurassic Dinosaur Footprint Project, Pratt Museum, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.
This site is under construction but has a partial listing and description of dinosaur footprints collected by Edward Hitchcock during the 19th century.

Virtuzo on the Tracks of Dinosaurs.
Site showing some computer applications to tracksite analysis in Australia, also includes good images of sauropod tracks in western Australia.

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Egg Project.
Description of computer applications to study of dinosaur eggs from Egg Mountain in Montana.

Egg Strategies.
Online musings about dinosaur eggs from Jeff Poling's Dinosauria Online page.

National Geographic Special Report on Dinosaur Eggs.
Recent article from National Geographic dealing with dinosaur eggs. Very good overview for layperson of the latest techniques for studying dinosaur eggs; includes interesting animations and images of dinosaur eggs and embryos.


Dinosaur paleobiology and vertebrate paleontology are popular science topics, thus Web resources are abundant. I have only included here Web sites that I have personally viewed. Most of these sites have numerous links to related sites. I have included links to large natural history museums at the end of this document, but many of these are already linked to some of the dinosaur-related links listed here. I have tried (and will continue to try) to give more up-front exposure to some of the smaller museums that have Web sites.

College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum.
Includes some basic information about Utahraptor and its discovery in Utah.

Dino Russ's Dinosaur Lair.
Extensive resource for online information about dinosaurs. Highly recommended.

Dinosaur Society.
A nonprofit organization devoted to dinosaur studies, including financial support of such studies.

Dinosauria Online.
A virtual compendium of Web-related resources on dinosaurs. Highly recommended.

Dinotrekking - The Ultimate Dinosaur Lover's Guide.
Lots of links provided on dinosaur-related material, including sites where dinosaur skeletons and tracks can be viewed.

Fossil Vertebrates in the Burke Museum, University of Washington.
Has catalog of fossil specimens in Burke Museum, particularly good image collection of Tertiary mammals, but only a few dinosaur images.

Hadrosaurus foulkii - The World's First Dinosaur Skeleton.
Actually, the first dinosaur remains were described in 1824-1825, but this interesting account is about the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, found in 1858.

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
Online display shows some replicas of dinosaurs from the American Museum of Natural History.

National Geographic Resources.
The National Geographic Society has an online resource guide to Society articles, publications, and videos about dinosaurs.

Old Trail Museum and Paleontology Field School.
The museum is currently ran by Dave Varricchio (a former drinking buddy of mine when we lived in Athens, Georgia). Information on the museum itself and dinosaur field programs for the general public are available.

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Newsletter.
Has keyword searches for topics of latest issue of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Steven Schimmrich's Dinosaurs and Vertebrate Paleontology Page.
Contains all links mentioned in his article on vertebrate paleontology Web resources in the November 1995 issue of Journal of Geoscience Education.

T. Mike Keesey's Dinosaur Page.
A nicely done page that contains dinosaur images, some links, and a good description of the application of cladistics to dinosaur classification.

Natural History Museums with Dinosaur Displays

American Museum of Natural History.
British Museum of Natural History.
Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, USA.
Löwentor Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany.
National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian).
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.
University of California (Berkeley) Museum of Paleontology.

Emory University Dinosaur Trace Fossil Page.