Progress Report: Atlas of Ichnofabrics

John Pollard, H. Allen Curran,* and Richard G. Bromley


The Atlas of Ichnofabrics project is alive and well, although it is taking a long timeómuch more work and more difficult work than the three co-editors ever could have imagined when we embarked on this course in the early 90's!!!!!

The Atlas will have 12 chapters covering characteristic ichnofabrics from continental to deep-sea environments, plus an introduction and three chapters covering methods of study and applications. There are over 25 contributors to the Atlas from around the world. The volume will be published by The Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) in the society's Atlas series. We are nearing completion and plan to have a prototype copy of the Atlas available for viewing at the upcoming IIW-5 workshop in England in July 1999.


*Corresponding author: H. Allen Curran, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 01063, USA

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