Ichnofabrics in Petroleum Geology and 5th International Ichnofabric Workshop,

Aberdeen and Manchester, United Kingdom, July 12-20, 1999

John Pollard
University of Manchester



The response to the First Circulars for these linked meetings in July 1999 was encouraging with over 80% of respondents from some 15 countries intending to attend both meetings, so we are producing a joint Second Circular reflecting the close co-operation of the convenors. We hope to promote a stimulating conference and workshop to bring together industry and academia to explore, exchange and develop applications of trace fossil (ichnofabric) analysis in its many aspects. Provisionally titles of presentations offered have been assigned to the four major themes of sessions in the Aberdeen conference. Other informal presentations may be made in evening sessions at IIW-5 in Scarborough. Participants wishing to have their papers published in a thematic set in the journal Petroleum Geoscience should have manuscripts ready for submission at the Aberdeen meeting. Abstracts of contributions may be submitted with Registration form but will not be published prior to the meetings. Participants to former IIW meetings have personally brought multiple (ca. 40) copies of abstracts of their informal presentations to the workshops.

Dates and Locations: July 12 -20, 1999. Joint conference July 12-14 in Aberdeen, followed by a field workshop (IIW-5), July 14-18 based at Scarborough, Yorkshire, terminating in Manchester, July 19-20.

Sponsors: Universities of Aberdeen and Manchester, Baker Atlas Geoscience (formerly Z &S Geoscience), Ichron Ltd. and the petroleum industry

Convenors: Aberdeen: Mark Lawrence, Stuart Buck, Nigel Trewin

IIW-5: John Pollard, Andrew Taylor, Stuart Gowland



1. To bring together ichnologists worldwide and sedimentologists who are active in developing applications of ichnofabric analysis to real geological situations.

2. To examine the application of ichnofabric concept to facies recognition and interpretation, sediment-trace fossil modelling, reservoir characterisation and prediction.

3. To promote informal exchange of ideas and discuss techniques of ichnofabric analysis between academic and industrial practitioners which might develop new partnerships in ichnofabric research.

4. To examine trace fossils and ichnofabrics in both North Sea Basin core material and in outcrops of classic Jurassic sections of the Yorkshire coast which are frequently used as models for sequence stratigraphy and facies interpretation offshore.

5. To explore the application of trace fossils and ichnofabrics in Earth Science teaching programmes.

Meeting format

Aberdeen. Two or three session per day (morning, afternoon, evening?) will be given to presentations and core examination. Cores will be displayed in laboratories close to the lecture rooms and we hope will illustrate characteristic ichnofabrics from the major reservoir sediments of the North Sea Basin. Posters will be on display in the core viewing area, so that informal access will be constantly available during the meeting.

Scarborough area. The field workshop will examine coastal localities of Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks within 30 miles of Scarborough in morning and afternoon of most days. Presentations will be given in evening sessions at University College residence unless tides or weather necessitate a change of programme. Food and drink will be available locally on field days. July weather may be wet (temperatures 15-20 C, 60-70F) and cliff paths and slippery rocky shores need stout boots for safety. Participants should arrange their own accident and health insurance. Further details and advice will be in the Third Circular.

Outline programme (provisional)

  • July 11 Participants arrive independently in Aberdeen

    July 12 Presentations at University of Aberdeen on themes ëIchnofabrics in facies analysis and well correlationí (a.m.) and ëApplications to sequence stratigraphyí (p.m.). Core workshop runs in parallel with talks for 2 days. Conference dinner in evening (optional).

    July 13 Presentations on themes ëBioturbation analysis and reservoir qualityí (am) and ëIchnofabrics in borehole imaging etc.í (p.m.) Core workshop continues.

    July 14 Possibly industrially related topics continue in Aberdeen. IIW-5 participants (ca. 40 maximum) depart by coach for Scarborough with possible field stops to examine Carboniferous ichnofaunas of Northumberland coast (time permitting).

    July 15 IIW-5 short opening session then field excursion to Ravenscar - Blea Wyke Sandstone and Dogger Formations (shallow marine). Evening presentations of outstanding papers or posters (displayed July 14-18).

    July 16 Field excursions to Claughton Wyke (a.m.) and Cayton Bay (p.m.)- Ravenscar Group and Scarborough Fm (deltaics and shallow shelf). Evening presentations or discussions.

    July 17 Field excursion to Staithes, and Whitby to Saltwick (tide dependent)

    (offshore shelf and deltaics with dinosaur tracks). Social evening locally?

    July 18 Field work to Filey - Corallian shelf carbonates and possibly reef facies.

    Flamborough - Chalk ichnofabrics ? travel on to Manchester (p.m.).

    July 19 Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester. Discussion meeting

    "Trace fossils and ichnofabrics in teaching Earth Science" ( informal presentations, posters, laboratory exercises, displays from participants - bring your contributions to share). Final social evening, closing session.

    July 20 Participants in IIW-5 depart from Manchester, rail or international airport.

  • Travel and accommodation: Participants should make their own arrangements for international travel to arrive in Aberdeen on the evening of July 11. Accommodation (dinner, bed and breakfast D,B/b) can be arranged at university residence. Onward travel by coach from Aberdeen to Scarborough Wed July 14. Local travel by coach around Scarborough July 15 -18, then onward to Manchester July 18. Make your own arrangements to depart from Manchester airport or rail, Tuesday July 20 a.m.

    Accommodation choices and costs
    Accommodation booked in Aberdeen and Manchester is room with shared facilities; in Scarborough it is ensuite (More expensive ensuite can be booked in all venues?)

    Aberdeen (3 nights ) University residence (B/b)£23.50, (ensuite £34.50) dinner £14.50(per night) (Cheaper meals available locally, not bookable)

    or: Hotel accommodation from £70 to £125 per night. (We can send details?) Scarborough (4 nights) University College residence (B/b £27, dinner £13 per night) Manchester (2 nights) University residence (B/b) £26 (ensuite £39) (Dinners not booked)

    Costs: (See details on second page of Registration/Booking Form)

    Registration: Aberdeen =£95 (or £50 student) IIW-5 =£40 Both meetings =£90-£135

    Travel: Aberdeen - Scarborough - Manchester = £80

    Scarborough (local) - Manchester (IIW-5 only) = £50


  • Aberdeen (3 nights , 3B/b. 2 dinners) = £114

    (Optional conference dinner = £20)

    Scarborough (4 nights , 3 dinners ) = £147

    Manchester (2 nights B/b only, dinners not included) £52


    TOTAL COSTS (approximate) Aberdeen meeting only = £95 - £215

    Aberdeen and IIW-5 = £530 - 565

    IIW-5 only = £290 - £310

  • Registration and deadlines: This Second Circular is being distributed to people who responded to the First Circular and expressed an intention to attend the conference and/or workshop and have provided titles of the papers or posters they wish to present. To make a reservation and booking please photocopy and complete the attached Registration Form (both sides) and send it to John Pollard as soon as possible and no later than 28 Feb 1999 together with a deposit cheque of £150 or full costs made payable to "University of Manchester - IIW-5". The balance of the costs due will be confirmed with the Third Circular (April 1999) and full payment due by 28 May 1999. (Advanced payment is necessary as bookings have been made against deposits paid in advance on your behalf.)

    To register for the meetings please fill in the attached form and return it by mail, fax or e-mail before February 28, 1999 with payment to:


    Dr John E. Pollard

    Department of Earth Sciences,

    University of Manchester,

    Manchester M13 9PL,

    UK (United Kingdom)


    e-mail: john.pollard@man.ac.uk

    phone: ++ 44-161-275-3817

    fax: ++ 44-161-275-3947


    * * * * *




    I wish to make a firm registration to attend meeting(s) as below:


    Name: Title:


    Postal (mailing) address:


    Phone: Fax:


    E-mail :


    I wish to contribute an oral presentation titled:


    I wish to prepare a poster titled:


    I wish to attend ëIchnofabrics in Petroleum Geologyí (Aberdeen) YES / NO *


    I will be travelling Aberdeen to Scarborough YES / NO *


    I will be joining IIW-5 at Scarborough YES / NO *


    My T-shirt size is : M / L / XL *


    I enclose a cheque/international transfer draft (£ sterling) to cover:*

    (a) Deposit of £150 * (balance to be received by 28 May 1999)

  • (b) Full costs Aberdeen only (as below)
  • (c) Full costs Aberdeen, Scarborough and Manchester (as below)

    (d) Full costs Scarborough and Manchester (as below)


    (*delete as appropriate)



    Please complete the booking form and return by February 28, 1999 to:


    John E. Pollard,

    Department of Earth Sciences,

    University of Manchester

    Manchester, M13 9PL, UK


    Tel No: +44 161 275 3871

  • Fax No: + 44-161-275 3947
  • E-mail : john.pollard@man.ac.uk





    Ichnofabrics in Petroleum Geology



    £ : p


    Registration: Full @ £95: Student @ £50




    University Hall Bed & Breakfast @ £23.50 x no. of nights


    Dinner (optional) @ £14.50 x no. of nights


    Hotel Yes*/No *Please attach details


    Conference dinner (optional) @ £20




    International Ichnofabric Workshop 5 ñ

    Scarborough and Manchester


    Registration (includes guidebook, t-shirt, etc.) @ £40


    Transport Aberdeen - Scarborough - Manchester @ £80


    or Scarborough (local travel) - Manchester @ £50


    Accommodation (University Residences)


    Scarborough Bed & Breakfast @ £27 x 4 nights = £108


    Dinner @ £13 x 3 nights = £39


    Manchester Bed & Breakfast @ £26 x 2 nights = £52


    Dinners are not included; many local restaurants; pay personally









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