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  • Number 21 February 1999
  • Ichnology Newsletter no. 21

    Published February 1999 in Kraków
    and on the Web based in Atlanta



    Dr. Andrew K. Rindsberg

    Geological Survey of Alabama
    P.O. Box O
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-9780

    Telephone (205) 349-2852
    (Central Time Zone = Greenwich -6 h)
    Telefax (205) 349-2861
    Email arindsberg@ogb.gsa.tuscaloosa.al.us


    Dr. Alfred Uchman

    Institute of Geological Sciences
    Jagiellonian University
    Oleandry 2a
    30-063 Kraków

    Telephone (00-48-12) 33-20-70 (secretary)
    or (00-48-12) 33-63-77 in. 488 (direct)
    (MET = Greenwich + 1 h)
    Email FRED@geos.ing.uj.edu.pl


    Dr. Anthony J. Martin

    Department of Environmental Studies
    Emory University
    Atlanta, GA 30322, USA
    Telephone (404) 727-6491
    (Eastern Time Zone = Greenwich -5 h)
    Email paleoman@learnlink.emory.edu

    Ichnology Newsletter, no. 21
    Contents FRONT COVER Richard G. Bromley Entobia isp. in Cretaceous bivalve Inoceramus

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    Andrew K. Rindsberg Ichnologic books published in the nineties, part 2

    Anthony J. Martin Review of Earth's First Steps: Tracking Life before the Dinosaurs, by Jerry MacDonald

    Robert B. MacNaughton Review of Systematic Ichnology of the Late Ordovician Georgian Bay Formation of Southern Ontario, Eastern Canada, by D. C. A. Stanley and R. K. Pickerill
    Andrew K. Rindsberg Godzilla

    Alfred Uchman and Andrew K. Rindsberg  Bibliographia Ichnologica, 1998
    Alfred Uchman and Andrew K. Rindsberg  46 authors, Current activities
    Alfred Uchman and Andrew K. Rindsberg Friends of Ichnology: addresses

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